6- List of references:

6.1-  Basic materials:

- Systemic Pathology books prepared by staff members of the Department, 2010

-Museum notebook (Department book), 2010.

- Slide notebook (Department book), 2010.

- Short questions & MCQ; notes on systemic pathologyprepared by staff members of the Department on Behapathology page- facebook

NB: All books prepared by Pathology department are revised and updated every year.


6.2- Essential books (text books):

- Cotran RS, Kumar V and Robbins SL: Robbins Pathologic Basis, 2010.

- Stevens A, Lowes J et al.,: Core Pathology, 3rd ed. Mosby, 2009.


6.3- Recommended books:

- El Bolkainy MN, Nouh MA, El Bolkainy TN: General Pathology of Cancer, 2nd ed. NCI, Cairo University, 2013.

- Mills SE, et al, Sternberg's Diagnostic Surgical Pathology, Lippincott Williams& Wilkins, 2010


6.4- Periodicals, Web sites, … etc:





http://umc.edu/dept/path/HYPERLINK "http://umc.edu/dept/path/2umc.edu/dept/path/2F"2HYPERLINK "http://umc.edu/dept/path/2umc.edu/dept/path/2F"umc.edu/dept/path/HYPERLINK "http://umc.edu/dept/path/2umc.edu/dept/path/2F"2HYPERLINK "http://umc.edu/dept/path/2umc.edu/dept/path/2F"F