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  Prof.Dr. Gamal EL-Saied, the new university president, accompanied by prof.Dr. Mustafa EL-kady and prof.Dr. Muhammad Abd EL-Salam, inspect the…
  Prof.Dr. Gamal EL-Saied stresses that appointing him as the University president is a huge responsibility and precious trust with…
  Prof.Dr, Gamal EL-Saied, the new University president hosts the student delegations of the international Universities that has participated in…
  Prof.Dr. Gamal EL-Saied, the University president stresses that the University is the experience home for qulubia governorate and the…
  Prof.Dr. alaa Abd el-halim, the governor of qulubia, prof.Dr. Hussien Magraby and prof.Dr. Muhammad Mansur attend the proceedings of…
  Prof.Dr. Gamal EL-Saied attends the monthly meeting of the supreme council of the universities under the presidency of prof.Dr.…

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