Faculty Leaders





Prof.Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim el Shafee

 Faculty deputy of Education and Students Affairs (Acting Dean)


Prof.Dr. Adel Shibl el Sayed Maree

               Faculty deputy of Postgraduate &Researches and Cultural Relations   


Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed el Sayed Rageh

Faculty deputy of Community Service Affairs and Environment Development


Heads of the Departments






Prof.Dr.Alaa el Din El Tallis

Head of Physiology Department


Prof.Dr. Sadeea Ahmed Shibly

Head of Anatomy Department


Prof.Dr. Abd el Lattef el Balshy

Head of Pathology Department


Prof.Dr.Ahmed Salim Mohamed

Head of Pharmacology department


Prof.Dr. Abd el Moanem Abd el Fattah Yunus

Head of Community and Environment Medicine Department


Prof.Dr.Marcel Ramsis Haroun

Head of Forensic Medicine Department


Prof.Dr.Azza Mahmoud Mohamed el Baramawy

Head of Biochemistry Department


Prof.Dr.Amal Munir Matta Ibrahim

Head of Bacteriological Department


Prof.Dr. Omimah Kamel Abd el Bary Helal

Head of Histology Department


Prof.Dr. Mohamed Saad Yunus Mohamed

Head of Parasitology Department


Prof.Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Abd el Baqy el Bakry

Head of Pediatrics Department


Prof.Dr.Osama Saad el Shaer

Head of Clinical Pathology Department


Prof.Dr. Abd el Aziz Ibrahim El Taweel

Head of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases Department


Prof.Dr.Munir Serag el Din el Hanfy

Head of Rheumatism Department


Prof.Dr. Sabry Anis Abdour

Head of Gastroenterology Department


Prof.Dr. Shereef Ahmed Morsy Essa

Head of Respiratory Diseases Department


Prof.Dr. Mohamed Shawqy el Sayed

Head of Internal Medicine Department


Prof.Dr. Osama Sanad Arrafa

Head of Cardiovascular Diseases Department


Prof.Dr. Gamal Ahmed Hosny Hussein

Head of Orthopedics Department


Prof.Dr.Rizq Mohamed Khudir el Ashmawy

Head of Psychiatric and Neurological Department


Prof.Dr.Mohamed Khairy Abd el Naby

Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery Department


Prof.Dr.Hussien Kamal el Din Hassan el Sawiny

Head of General Surgery Department


Prof.Dr.Ali Mohamed el Shazly

Head of Urology Department


Prof.Dr.Saad IbrahimSaad

Head of Anesthesiology Department


Prof.Dr.Mohamed Kamel Alloush

Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department


Prof.Dr.Essam Mohamed el Matbouly Saber

Head of Ophthalmology Department


Prof.Dr. Nasser Mossad Sayed Ahmed

  Head of neurosurgery Department


Prof.Dr. Hossam Abd el Hay Gad Ali

 Head of ENT Department


Prof.Dr. Medhat Mohamed Refaat

Head of Radiology Department